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Members' Voluntary Liquidation

Extracting maximum value, efficently

Whether reorganising a group of companies, or closing down a successful business at the end of its life, a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation offers significant benefits in accessing the value in a company including often reduced tax liabilities and the assurance that the business has been closed down efficiently and correctly.

Our experience ranges from closing down small family companies upon retirement to acting for a High Street bank in reorganising its subsidiaries and means that we are perfectly placed to provide practical advice relevant to your needs. Thanks to our expertise, input from clients is reduced and the process is as smooth as possible. This ensures we can keep our prices competitive, usually on a fixed fee basis to prevent any surprises when it is time to invoice.

Let's Talk...

If you would like to discuss a particular scenario with us, or would like an initial consultation, please contact us by: 

Tavistock House North

Tavistock Square



0207 554 9600

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