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Litigation Funding

Griffins litigation funding isn’t just a version of what everyone else does. We are not talking about financing lawyers to bring a claim and then taking a huge chunk of the proceeds in return.


The Griffins approach comes from years of experience in litigation and from looking at the offerings in the market as a customer. We’ve never been entirely happy with what’s out there and decided to use our experience to provide the services that we would want to buy.


Funding a litigation is not always about lawyers' fees. Sometimes it’s providing a service on a no win basis. Other times it is just providing the disbursement costs necessary to move a case along a little to get to the next stage. We find the major problem is financing skilled WIP to gather the evidence in the first place to get a case into a position where it will succeed. Griffins has always done that for itself, but we recognise that many insolvency firms don’t have that facility in house. 


Do you need an indemnity for a legal action where ATE might not cover it or its too expensive? 


Do you want to get your current case improved so that if you do end up taking it to a normal litigation funder you get the best terms possible?


Do you just want assistance in haggling over the best terms in a CFA or litigation funding deal?


Do you need written advice from a specialist insolvency firm on the choices you should take on a litigation asset?


Griffins litigation funding is aimed at enabling all of this and much more, with the IP making informed choices and empowering them to obtain the best deal that they can. Our bespoke approach aims to work with the risk appetite of the individual IP and facilitate the best outcome that creditors can expect, and to assist in communicating that to those creditors.  We have already concluded a number of instructions where the IP and creditors were extremely happy with the outcome. The point is to make sure that all stakeholders are happy and engaged at all times so that any solution is seen as the best that could be obtained.

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If you would like to discuss a particular scenario with us, or would like an initial consultation, please contact us by: 

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