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Insolvency Practitioner Expert Advice

Dispassionate advice aimed at resolving a situation in the most efficient way

Sometimes things do not go smoothly during a formal insolvency process and fault lines can appear between an Insolvency Practitioner and the creditors.  Through taking an independent expert review of the situation we are able to provide impartial advice that can assist all sides in coming to an agreement before views become too entrenched and costs increase disproportionately.


A common disagreement is on the level of remuneration paid to an insolvency practitioner.  Our experience both of reviewing the fees of other insolvency practitioners and of dealing with applications to court over remuneration levels means that we can provide guidance at an early stage of potential issues to enable the parties to seek out agreement without a drawn out expensive court process.


We have also acted for both Insolvency practitioners and creditors when complaints are made against the conduct of an insolvency practitioner, whether to assist with regulatory disciplinary proceedings or court actions to recover funds for negligence and misfeasance.

Let's Talk...

If you would like to discuss a particular scenario with us, or would like an initial consultation, please contact us by: 

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0207 554 9600

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