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Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation

Bringing necessary closure at an appropriate pace

Sometimes, regardless of the efforts and support of all involved, a company will be insolvent and the business cannot carry on.  Once that point is reached the last thing anybody wants is a long drawn out process to deal with outstanding matters before dissolution.

We can assist in ensuring that any value left in the company is realised in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our experience in dealing with a number of different scenarios means that even where there are few assets remaining, we can provide a full service.

We cannot take away the pain for all that the company has had to enter liquidation, but we can ensure that the liquidation is concluded quickly allowing all parties to move on.

If there are allegations of hidden assets, concerns as to actions taken or other disputes, including actions already being brought by the company against third parties, then our contentions insolvency team can provide specific advice and assistance.

Let's Talk...

If you would like to discuss a particular scenario with us, or would like an initial consultation, please contact us by: 

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