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Commercial Valuations

Simplifying complex matters

The need for a commercial valuation can arise for many different reasons.   Be it pricing an asset, negotiating a deal, restructuring a business or group of companies, dealing with an insurance claim, complying with accounting standards and tax law, fundraising, forecasting and budgeting, or simply ensuring good corporate governance, Griffins stand ready to provide you with expert advice and solutions.



  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Intangible Assets / Intellectual Property

  • Restructuring (e.g. distressed debt, asset sales, value breaks)

  • Internal Share Markets

  • EMI / LTIP schemes

  • Unlisted Assets & Portfolios

  • Phantom Shares

  • Impairment Testing (IAS 36)

  • Hedge Effectiveness Testing (IAS 39 / IFRS 9)

  • Accounting Standards (e.g. IFRS 2, IFRS 3 IFRS 13, IFRS 16)

  • Taxation (e.g. CGT, earn-outs, thin cap. agreements, transfer pricing, probate) 

  • Derivatives (e.g. options, swaps, forwards, futures)

  • Bonds / Debt

  • Hybrid Instruments (e.g. convertible loans)

  • Royalties / Licences

  • Financial Modelling

Let's Talk...

If you would like to discuss a particular scenario with us, or would like an initial consultation, please contact us by: 

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