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  • 30/10/2019 09:00 AM

Following on from my previous article about the attempts for the joint administrators of Nortel Networks France to get their remuneration approved by the court whenthere were no longer any creditors to approve it.

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  • 21/10/2019 09:00 AM

Those who have attended either of the Griffins seminars this year will have heard me talk about our experience as experts in the assessment of insolvency practitioner’s fees for acting as office-holders and how the costs of the final court determination frequently mean that finding a settlement is the best approach for all involved.

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  • 06/10/2019 09:00 PM

On 10th May 2019 Stephen Hunt and Kevin Goldfarb were appointed Joint Administrators of Miller Gardner Limited, a firm of solicitors trading from the Stretford area of Manchester. The firm specialises mainly in PPI-type claims.

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  • 01/10/2019 09:00 AM

On 12 September 2019, Supercapital ceased to provide any regulated business and Supercapital has updated its website to this effect.

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Assets for Sale

A Bankrupt’s Interest in a Portfolio of Residential Rental Properties in the London Area

Stephen Hunt, acting as Trustee in Bankruptcy of an estate, wishes to invite offers for the estate’s interest in 48 properties with an estimated value of £16m and an estimated equity of £5m.

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