Victory tastes sweet (and bitter later!)

Tuesday night saw the first of a number of 5-a-side football matches scheduled between Griffins and rival insolvency firm Mazars. To the action shortly but first comment must be passed on the comparison that was made between this and those derby matches between Rangers and Celtic.  It’s true there were some similarities although given the talent on display an ‘old’ and ‘in-firm’ clash might be a better description than that of an ‘old firm’ match.

While the noise of the supporters at the Powerleague venue in Shoreditch did not always reach the heady heights of Celtic Park or Ibrox, the crowd roared on the players as an epic tousle took place.

The words ‘roaring’ and ‘epic’ lead nicely into how Griffins eventually conquered their rivals; they put their ‘infirmities’ behind them and displayed the same attributes as that like-named mythical creature called the ‘Griffin’ which reputedly had the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. They sought out opportunities to make the killer pass and their strength and endurance won through in the end.

The see-sawing, free-scoring match resulted in a total of 21 goals. More like a rugby match total! Mazars fought valiantly but – to use that hackneyed phrase- it’s ‘the result that matters.’ This is especially so as it was the first victory since the Griffins football team was formed so an air of triumphalism can hopefully be forgiven.

All the players gave it their all but a couple of special mentions: there was  an age-defying performance from the goalkeeper for Griffins, Colin Everett, whose shot stopping abilities were equal to that of Craig Gordon or Wes Foderingham. [It is left to those who don’t know these two to do a google search but there should be enough clues provided here]. Also Scott Day, one of those up front for Griffins, scored 3 goals including a decisive one – the winner! He also claimed to have made 7 or 8 assists which if correct would put him in the same category as Kevin De Bruyne, the current leader in that category in the Premier League!

It was largely an injury free skirmish with the main casualty being the loss of a toe nail. Greater damage was probably done during post-match refreshments!