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Stephen is best known for his work on contentious and complex insolvencies. This has involved a great deal of litigation of insolvency-based claims in the UK and abroad. Griffins are on the panel of Proceeds of Crime Act receivers, and he takes a leading part in that work. In the late 1990s he was involved in a number of appointments as Provisional Liquidator and helped establish the law and many of the conventions in this arena. More recently he has conducted some very large cross border tracing actions and been involved in cases that are exploring aspects of claims for breach of duty and breach of trust. 

He writes articles and speaks regularly on the topic of fraud and negligence involving professionals, particularly Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. He has also been engaged to act as an expert witness on matters relating to conduct immediately before or after insolvency. His involvement of the bankruptcy of Ivan Landau led to a number of engagements to advise on the relationship between insolvency and pension law and he has continued to take an interest in recent further developments.

He is able to program computers in several languages and this helps him in working with designers of technological tools to assist in the development of forensic search and insolvency software. He works on forensic aspects of electronic document analysis and time sheet examination. He also regularly consults on technology issues in the insolvency field.

Stephen has been interviewed on TV and radio, including BBC Breakfast and Radio 4, on a wide range of topics, not all of them insolvency related!

Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt


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