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If you had asked me as a teenager what direction I would like to take in my career… I can honestly say that the insolvency sector would not have been the response.

One thing I was sure about, is that I was drawn to opportunities to help people. If I could make a difference, it made me feel good and that is the sense of achievement I get today with my work at Griffins.

After 10 plus years of working in the fast-paced world of events management and meeting people from numerous sectors, I discovered my interest in business development.

I started working in professional services for a large SME accountancy firm, after 4 years working alongside the 12 Partners, I grew the firm’s client base by engaging local businesses leaders to the numerous accountancy services the firm offered.

Through this experience I understand the complexities, deadlines, and structure of how an accountancy practice operates. Today I speak to many accountants that refer work to me, alongside ensuring the right advice is given I deliver the best possible customer service for their clients.

I also work with Lenders and Solicitors to assist them with the challenges and issues faced by their clients and to connect them with our highly experienced team and Partners who will then provide the best advice and solution for them and their clients.

Jenna Herlingshaw

Jenna Herlingshaw

Business Development Manager

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