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Ian manages the firm’s Economic Crime Unit, working on a broad spectrum of insolvency appointments, including dealing with cases of misconduct within the insolvency profession. This may involve one-off investigations on behalf of creditors who feel that they have been unfairly treated, or it may be the investigation of a portfolio of cases (as the successor office holder) following the block transfer of cases from the previous insolvency practitioner who has had their licence withdrawn or removed by their Regulatory Body.

His work includes investigating claims in the various insolvency estates as well as the conduct of the former office holder which may lead to claims against their insolvency bonds for fraud and dishonesty.

Ian came into the Insolvency profession from a legal background and previously dealt with insolvency litigation and claims against former Insolvency Practitioners arising out of their misconduct whilst in office.

He is a keen fitness fanatic and enjoy running, boxing and taking part/coaching in his local boot camp.

Ian Ramsay

Ian Ramsay

Head of Investigation

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