Creditors are frequently disadvantaged by company directors who are unaware of, or choose to deliberately ignore for personal gain, their statutory duties under the Companies Act.  

Some of the most common claims we pursue using the Insolvency Act for the benefit of creditors are misfeasance; breach of fiduciary duty;  fraudulent trading; wrongful trading;  transactions at undervalue; and, preferential payments.  Our investigators and litigation team are highly experienced in identifying where the actions of individuals have unjustly harmed creditors.

There are a significant number of reported cases in which we have successfully taken action against directors and where judgments resulted in the seizure of assets held in the names of not only the director(s) but also their associates and families. We are experienced in recovering assets where directors have attempted to place them in overseas jurisdictions, believing them to be untouchable. There are very few places in the world which we are unable to take action on behalf of creditors.

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