By delivering a detailed review, without disrupting your business, we can assist in creating and delivering a robust turnaround strategy aimed at generating an increase in value for your business.

In the early stages of turnaround the right support is necessary to create financial stability, access cash flow and identify other means of improving short-term liquidity.

Liquidity Review

A liquidity review assess the financial position of the business, it reviews management forecasts and the viability of the business over the short and medium term. It examines the key drivers behind cash flow forecasts, assesses the liquidity of business operations and identifies future funding requirements.

We can provide a full report of the Company’s financial position, together with advice and recommendations to stakeholders, lenders and directors on the key issues providing  both short term and longer term strategic planning for your business.

Cash and Working Capital Review

This can assist with negotiations with key creditors and facilitate an enhanced on-going relationship with lenders and other stakeholders, by identifying areas where your business can improve its working capital requirement, either through:

      • Cash generation or making significant improvements to operations,
      • Identifying cost reduction opportunities,
      • Identify areas requiring a more stringent credit control function, and
      • By accelerating receivables collection.

For further information, please contact one of our Partners who will be able to assist you.