We advise and support clients who suspect they have been the victims of fraud and those who want a professional, impartial review of factual information to assist with decision-making.

We draw on the skills and experience of our team members from both public and private sector backgrounds to provide advice, insight and support that can range from dealing on-site with the ‘golden hour’ when a fraud is uncovered, to producing evidential material that is robust and capable of withstanding legal challenge.

Our forensic capabilities extend from providing highly detailed reports following a meticulous examination of financial data to the recovery of computer data.  We combine these capabilities with our diverse professional backgrounds to offer different perspectives on the problems clients want solving.

Our investigations are able to encompass the taking of statements from third parties, as well as our PACE trained interviewers meeting with witnesses and suspects.

We have previously been appointed on matters spanning employee theft to multi-million pound fraud against HNWI investors in multiple jurisdictions.



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