We have access to some of the most powerful IT forensic solutions available to law enforcement to maximise automated analysis of complex data, and so minimise associated costs for clients.

We undertake investigations in relation to a broad range of commercial disputes, including suspected and complex frauds, often spanning international jurisdictional boundaries. This work is frequently undertaken to provide support and reports for planned or existing litigation, working within agreed time and budget constraints.

The level and quality of our professional service has proven highly effective in providing expert witness support and mediation assistance.

We provide a service that is distinguished by the backgrounds of our team that range from qualified accountants, insolvency and tax specialists, to Certified Fraud Examiners with substantial experience in criminal investigations.  This diverse team provides clients with an impartial and objective service that is able to work flexibly with clients facing a broad range of issues.

The reports we prepare are written by professionals with a forensic awareness of detail and the need to provide clients with clear information.

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