Creditor Support

As a creditor you are entitled to appoint an insolvency practitioner to assist in recovering outstanding debts. Our Partners can provide services such as:

      • Identifying the status of the individual or corporate debtor.
      • Conducting a pre-action review and providing advice.
      • Identifying whether an Insolvency Practitioner has been appointed.
      • Attending creditor meetings on your behalf.
      • Filing proxies and proofs of debt on your behalf.
      • Dealing with insolvency paperwork on your behalf.
      • Reviewing Voluntary Arrangement proposals in order to improve your dividend prospects.
      • Advising on antecedent transactions, illegal dividends, directors’ loan accounts and other matters.
      • Advising landlords and tenants.
      • Advising on retention of title claims.
      • Advising on the validity of security documents.
      • Notifying you of any potential dividends and collecting any dividends on your behalf.

Our Partners have strong working relations with governing bodies, local authorities and banking corporations across the UK and internationally.

Creditor Recoveries

The costs of investigating potential claims for creditors and issuing claims to recover funds can be significant and a potential deterrent to taking action, even where a creditor believes they are a victim. We are able to provide support to creditors who face this dilemma.

The inability to provide funding for an investigation and possible legal action to achieve recoveries does not prevent us from being able to act on behalf of creditors.

We advise creditors on how investigations and litigation may be actioned without creditor funding, and we frequently attend creditor meetings to provide advice and support to creditors where our commercial and technical knowledge is available to ask the right questions and prevent possible further prejudice to creditors.

For further information, please contact one of our Partners who will be able to assist you.