Vaishali Sandhu
Relationship Manager

Business Development

Utilising my strong interpersonal skills together with my financial and technical background, I build and develop working relationships with all clients, as well as advising businesses and individuals on pre and post insolvency appointment matters and assisting them throughout various processes.

In addition to dealing with straight forward insolvencies, I specialise in working with Regulators, Government bodies and other enforcement agencies which has successfully resulted in the disruption and prevention of crime as well as increased recoveries for creditors.

My insolvency career began working for a Big 4 firm on several high profile appointments with companies ranging from global energy conglomerates to international and errant banking institutions and I have gained experience working with clients across a range of sectors. During this time I also took the opportunity to develop my financial knowledge by obtaining my ACCA qualification.

I later joined Griffins where I specialised in the more complex cases, broadly involving asset realisations, investigating company affairs and the conduct of directors. I also have experience in investigating the dishonest conduct of insolvency practitioners and identifying any fraud/negligence across a mixed portfolio of cases.