Trevor Slack



I am a valuation expert and forensic accountant. My work is focused on international arbitration and litigation support, and I have more than 20 years of experience in the both the United Kingdom and Australia on the “buy” side of litigation and disputes, including breach of contract, shareholder disputes, audit negligence, intellectual property matters, theft and fraud. I moved from industry, where I was both in accounting and the engineering side, to professional consulting, and I bring my deep industry knowledge and technical capabilities to each of my engagements. Valuation is often the most critical and complex aspect of a dispute, and where I am at my strongest.

Upon completing my B.Bus in Australia I worked on the corporate side in manufacturing, engineering & construction. During that time I became CPA qualified & did a Grad Dip in Applied Finance & Economics, which drove my natural interest in finance, economics & valuation. The companies I worked for were also involved in various M&A activities so I was able to put the theoretical side into practice.

I took 6 months off from corporate life for around the world trip, so a delayed & shortened gap year, & upon my return I moved into the profession doing tax, business services & forensic accounting. It was during this period that I took to forensic accounting where everything is contentious & it is where accounting meets the law, which for me is a personal sweet spot. So having found a taste for it & having an ancestry visa for the UK, I decided to put it to use & moved to the UK so I could work full time in forensic accounting & valuation in a bigger market. Since then I have worked in the top 10 accounting firms as well as a major US consulting firm, half of which half was spent in a dedicated valuations teams. During this period I have worked on fraud & commercial litigation running from the millions to the billions. The projects I have worked on have regularly touched all the continents bar the South Pole.

Full more details on Trevor's expertise and experience please see attached "Expertise and Experience"