Andrew Fatherly

Andrew Fatherly
Senior Manager

Insolvent, Litigation and Forensics

I have the enviable role of dealing with some of the largest cases that are referred to Griffins where there are suspicions that creditors are the victims of fraud.  That gives me the opportunity to draw on the wide range of skills and knowledge that exist in the firm in support of my work.

These days, whilst reporting directly to the Partners, I am regularly dealing with investigations in which there have been interventions by a Regulator, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), where there is an added emphasis of accountability to the Regulators and courts, but also where there are wider public interest and reputational issues to manage.

I have been undertaking and managing cross-border insolvency investigations since I joined Griffins with work and legal actions undertaken in jurisdictions including the USA, parts of the Caribbean and Middle East (where Griffins also has a Dubai office), not to mention the Far East and Europe. Other non-insolvency engagements requiring forensic investigations by me have also led to multi-jurisdictional challenges.

I continue to draw on my extensive background in criminal investigation work by leading the planning and spearheading of Provisional Liquidations.  My ability and willingness to enter unfamiliar premises and take immediate control provides opportunities for the liquidator to preserve assets and evidence that might otherwise disappear.

I am familiar with both the civil and criminal court regimes and regularly provide statements in support of litigation, whether for the UK or overseas courts.  That requires me to be comfortable dealing with individuals at all levels, be they clients, legal teams or potential respondents / defendants.

I began my investigations career at HM Customs & Excise, and subsequently HM Revenue & Customs. After training in civil fraud investigation techniques I subsequently trained as a specialist criminal investigator, targeting and prosecuting organised crime groups, particularly those involved in large scale commercial fraud.  After a number of years I increasingly specialised in the investigation of criminal finances (POCA). Following the creation of HM Revenue & Customs, I took the opportunity to further develop my career by qualifying as a Chartered Tax Advisor (CIOT) with a particular emphasis on indirect taxes.

I maintain a keen interest in all aspects of fraud typology and investigations and was the first member of Griffins to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and the first to deal with cases involving crypto-currencies.

Above all I am a professional investigator who continues to be motivated by recovering and applying forensic analysis techniques to evidence that will assist in achieving recoveries for injured parties.