Griffins’ staff take part in MyMarathon to raise money for The British Heart Foundation

For those whose interest was captured by watching the London Marathon but feel the transition to participating is too greater step (or too many steps to be more apt!) then there is a way of completing the 26.2 mile distance  in more manageable chunks during the 31 days of May. The British Heart Foundation came up with this idea in order to help people become fit and healthy and to ‘raise money for life saving heart research’.  They provide the startling statistic that ‘Every five minutes another UK family loses a loved one to a heart condition…’

Over 10,000 participants have already signed up to run which includes a group of 9 members of staff from our London office. Our participants are spending their lunchtimes completing laps around Tavistock Square – located just in front of our office. The flexibility on the time frame for completing the marathon distance is snappily described by the British Heart Foundation:  ‘Whether it takes you 4 hours, 4 days or 4 weeks, with MyMarathon, you decide the pace and you decide the place.’

Long gone are the days when runners would need to keep a manual record of the distance covered and then calculate an accumulated total. Mobile phone fitness apps now accurately measure the distance with the technical wizardry extending to the uploading of this information directly to fundraising pages so that those sponsoring, or intending to sponsor, can monitor – and importantly encourage –  progress towards the ‘finishing line’.

For those wishing to sponsor our participants they can do so by accessing the following link:

If what has been said has inspired you to dig out that old pair of trainers knocking around the house and actually try running the distance then there is more information at 

We wish the best of luck to our group of 9 and all the other participants.