Griffin & Partners was originally formed in 1978 by Tim Griffin and Michael Pointer, the firm grew through the 1980s, expanding to several branches and a growing number of staff including John Wakeham (later a cabinet minister who went on to become Lord Wakeham.) The accountancy practice was sold off in the mid-1980s and the firm concentrated solely on insolvency from then on.

In 1996 we won a court case that changed UK pension law, bringing personal pensions into bankruptcies and increasing returns to creditors. This led to us being approached by the Insolvency Service to take a large number of pension related appointments.

In 1997 we were instructed by HMCE and HMIR to intervene in a large ongoing fraud in a high profile west end restaurant. We were appointed as provisional liquidators, trading the business profitably for six months before selling on.

In 1998 we first began taking successor appointments to investigate the conduct of other licensed insolvency practitioners. This has led to a number of practitioners being fined and or losing their licences and we have made several successful fraud and negligence claims against these practitioners.

In 2003 we began investigating carousel fraud, bringing the first successful claims for dishonest assistance through the courts.

In 2009 we opened our first international office in Dubai, where we undertake company rescue and business advice, insolvency, litigation, investigations, asset tracing and forensic reporting.